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The Senate Health Bill, Flood, Cyber News, and More
Council Brief | Jun. 26, 2017 | ACA, Cadillac Tax, Cybersecurity, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Flood, Government Affairs, Healthcare, International Insurance

The latest updates from Capitol Hill, information on Cyber rules in New York, and more in your biweekly update from The Council.

Takeaways from Financial Institute Public Policy Summit
Council Brief | Jun. 26, 2017 | Dodd-Frank, Flood, International Insurance

Last month, the Networks Financial Institute held its annual Insurance Public Policy Summit, bringing together leaders from Congress, the administration and the insurance industry to discuss insurance imperatives after the federal elections.

Senate Bill Out In The Wild
Healthcare In Transition | Jun. 22, 2017 | ACA, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Government Affairs, Healthcare

Takeaways from Senate GOP’s “Better Care Reconciliation Act” Senate Republicans released their health reform overhaul today after weeks of intrigue. The Council is extremely pleased to note that the legislation

Big Push for Cyber Regulation
Cyber Watch | Jun. 22, 2017 | Cybersecurity

Come August 28, insurance brokerage firms licensed to do business in New York will be required to submit and maintain a written cybersecurity policy, appoint a chief information security officer (CISO) and more.

Current Geopolitical and Economic Risks and Opportunities
Webinar | Jun. 21, 2017 | Cybersecurity, International Insurance

Economies around the word increasingly look with hesitation into the future. The traditional political landscape is going through a seismic shift, while emerging global risks have transformed brokers’ approach to servicing multinational clients.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
Cyber Watch | Jun. 16, 2017 | Cybersecurity

Q1’17 was the most active for the cybersecurity space in five years, experiencing increased investment and expanding with multiple companies leveraging the power of AI to provide solutions for today’s cyber threats.

All eyes on the employer market
Healthcare In Transition | Jun. 14, 2017 | ACA, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Government Affairs, Healthcare

An update on preserving the employer market, the Senate’s bill, and more.