Council Podcasts

EBLF 2016 with Kate Begley, SVP & Head of Sales at Health Advocate
Podcast | Jun. 27, 2016 | Employee Benefits

Health Advocate is a leading U.S. health and patient advocacy and assistance company that helps more than 40 million employers and consumers navigate the health care system. Listen in to Begley’s conversation with The Council’s Cheryl Matochik.

EBLF 2016 with Philippe de Dreuzy, CEO and president of MSH International in Calgary
Podcast | Jun. 21, 2016 | International Insurance

MSH is one of the largest and most comprehensive suppliers of expatriate insurance services in the world with more than 330,000 insured participants covered worldwide from four regional head offices in Calgary, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai. Listen in to de Dreuzy’s conversation with The Council’s Chief Legal Officer, Scott Sinder.

The Art of a Great Customer Experience
Podcast | Mar. 3, 2016 | HR

What is customer experience and why does it matter? Jon Picoult, founder and principal of Watermark Consulting, explains the importance of customer experience in business terms: 1. People will pay more for a positive customer experience; 2. A great customer experience increases revenue and reduces (or at least controls) operating expenses; 3. Happy, loyal clients complain less. COUNCILcast is a podcast series brought to you by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.

Diversity in the Workplace – How Bias Costs Companies Millions
Podcast | Feb. 24, 2016 | Leadership Academy

Natalie Holder, an employment lawyer and author of “Exclusion: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion” explains the difference between diversity and inclusion and how a company’s ability to recruit top talent increases dramatically when it improves its inclusive workplace culture.