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The Council Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization instituted by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. Established in 1994 and renamed in 2015, the Foundation’s mission is to secure the future of the commercial insurance brokerage business by attracting and developing tomorrow’s talent and supporting forward-thinking research.    

Why The Council Foundation? 

The success of our industry is based on our people and our expertise, and it is at risk. Lack of a steady talent pipeline and an increasingly complex world can threaten the future of our industry. Research completed in 2014 showed that while the original FAME scholarship program generated hundreds of college scholarships, its yield to the commercial insurance brokerage industry was underwhelming.   


The Council Foundation aims to secure the future of the industry by providing Council member firms with the tools, resources and knowledge they need to have a greater impact on the commercial insurance brokerage sector specifically. We aim to accomplish this through the Foundation's double focus: 1.) attracting and developing talent and, 2.) forward-thinking research.  


    1.) Attracting & Developing Future Talent

The Foundation will create an Internship Toolkit as a resource for Council members to use as they build their internship programs, along with other resources to enhance the industry’s image in an effort to attract and develop future talent.  


    2.) Forward-Thinking Research

The Foundation is the only non-profit research body directed solely to studying issues impacting the commercial insurance brokerage industry. Over the years, the Foundation has funded a variety of publications (see Publications tab) that have explored different opportunities and challenges impacting the brokerage business and its operations. The Foundation's research efforts will continue, focusing on the emerging challenges and opportunities resulting in business intelligence for Council member firms.  

For more information, please contact Julia Smith Ruiz at   

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