Grow Your Book is a new program that will give producers the motivation to push themselves into high gear, the tools to form great habits and the skills needed to succeed.

Designed for anyone who manages a book of business and wants to expand their account portfolio, Grow Your Book utilizes a unique sales process with a computer-simulated “What if” tool to give participants  real-world insight  into how specific growth strategies impact both their W-2 and your firm’s bottom line. This program will help your producers think more effectively, make better decisions and take purposeful action.

What Will You Learn?

  • Develop habits and skills that allow participants to set goals for themselves based on their financial aspirations
  • Improve understanding of the interconnectivity between activity, account size and profitability
  • Enhance sales aptitude during the prospecting, face-to-face and post-sales process
  • Learn effective prospecting and lead generation techniques
  • Develop sales conversation skills needed to be successful

Who Should Attend?

New producers and producers who want to boost or expand their portfolio

Stay tuned for 2019 event information.