Our new game-based programs bring tried-and-true learning models to life. Through engaging simulations, participants are able to learn and practice critical skills that will enhance their performance in the workplace.


Each on-demand, self-paced course runs over four weeks and takes approximately 8 hours to complete. Participants are encouraged to play 2 hours a week and compete against their cohorts. Weekly email reminders containing a leaderboard will be sent to all participants throughout the duration of the program. See what it takes to get to the top of the list!


Studies show that gamified formats of training improve knowledge retention by participants, increase the completion rate of courses and make what is learned more applicable to daily life.

  • Classes start on-demand
  • Employs active, experiential learning which increases retention and application
  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Increases engagement and motivation
  • Provides a safe environment to practice and fail
  • Appeals to Millennials and Gen Z’s
  • Online and self-paced (no location or scheduling conflicts)