The Insurance Professional School

The Insurance Professional School is a comprehensive, nine-month curriculum offered in two modules, designed to provide your new employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel within your firm. In partnership with The Institutes and the University of Georgia, this program combines online, self-paced learning with activities and live virtual sessions that reinforce understanding and application of the material to real world scenarios. Upon completion of the full learning experience (Insurance Fundamentals I & II), participants will receive designation certification from The Council and the University of Georgia.

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Module 1 Schedule

  • Month 1

    Industry Overview: Property Casualty & Employee Benefits 

    • +  This online course provides an in-depth overview of the insurance industry
    • +  Participants are introduced to all components of the insurance value chain and learn how they interact and integrate
      Risk Management Fundamentals
      Participants will learn fundamental Risk Management concepts and the risk management process
    • Scope of Risk Management
    • Risk Management Cost & Benefits
    • Overview of Risk Management Process
    • Types of Loss Exposure
    • Identifying Loss Exposure
    • Analyzing Loss Exposure 

    Analyzing Insurance Contracts 

    • Risk Control Techniques
    • Risk Financing Techniques
    • Selecting Appropriate Risk Management Techniques
    • Implementing Risk Management Techniques
    • Revising Risk Management Programs 

    Participants will learn the components of the insurance contract and how to analyze contracts for coverage and gaps 

    • GovernmentRegulation of the InsuranceIndustry
    • PhysicalContractConstruction
    • CommonProvisions
    • AnalysisMethods 

    Coverage Fundamentals: Commercial Property 

    Deep dive into Commercial Property 

    • Overview of Commercial Property Insurance
    • Business Personal Property (BPP) Covered Property
    • BPP Additional Coverages & Extensions
    • Causes of Loss – Basic Form & Broad Form
    • Causes of Loss – Special Form
    • BPP Limits of Insurance & Deductible
    • BPPLossConditions&AdditionalConditions
    • BPP Optional Coverages
    • Commercial Property Conditions
    • Common Policy Conditions
    • Commercial Property Endorsements
    • Factors Affecting Commercial Property Premiums  Determining Whether the BPP
    • Covers a Loss
  • Month 2

    Coverage Fundamentals: Marine

    Deep dive into Marine Insurance

    • Overview of Inland Marine Insurance
    • Non-filed Classes of Inland Marine Insurance
    • Filed Classes of Inland Marine Insurance
    • Overview of Ocean Marine Insurance
    • Ocean Marine Insurance Policies
    • Recommending Inland and Ocean Marine Coverages


    Coverage Fundamentals: Crime

    Deep dive into Crime Insurance

    • Overview of Commercial Crime Insurance
    • Commercial Crime Insuring Agreements
    • Commercial Crime Limits and Deductible
    • Commercial Crime Exclusions
    • Commercial Crime Conditions
    • Determining Whether the Commercial Crime Coverage Form Covers a Loss


    Coverage Fundamentals: Business Income

    Deep dive into Business Income Insurance

    • Business Income Loss Exposures
    • BIC Insuring Agreements
    • BIC Additional Coverages and Coverage Extension
    • BIC Limit of Insurance and Conditions
    • BIC Optional Coverages
    • Determining Whether the BIC Form Covers a Loss


    Coverage Fundamentals: Commercial Liability

    Deep dive into Commercial Liability Insurance

    • Overview of Commercial General Liability Insurance
    • CGL Coverage A – Insuring Agreement
    • CGL Coverage A – Exclusions
    • CGL Coverage B – Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
    • CGL Coverage C – Medical Payments
    • CGL Supplementary Payments
    • CGL Who Is an Insured Provisions
    • CGL Limits of Insurance
    • CGL Conditions
    • Rating CGL Coverage
    • Determining Whether the CGL Covers a Claims
  • Month 3

    Coverage Fundamentals: Commercial Auto

    Deep dive into Commercial Auto Insurance

    • Overview of Commercial Auto Insurance
    • BACF Covered Autos
    • Section BACF Covered Autos Liability Coverage
    • BACF Physical Damage Coverage
    • BACF Conditions
    • Business Auto Coverages Added by Endorsement
    • Rating Commercial Auto Insurance
    • Determining Whether the BACF Covers a Claim


    Coverage Fundamentals: Workers Compensation

    Deep dive into Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

    • Workers Compensation Statutes: Purpose, Benefits, and Persons Covered
    • Workers Compensation Statutes: Extraterritorial Provisions, Federal Jurisdiction, and Methods for Meeting Employers’ Obligations
    • WC&EL Policy – Workers Compensation Insurance
    • WC&EL Policy – Employers Liability Insurance
    • WC&EL Policy – Other States Insurance
    • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Policy—Endorsements
    • Rating Workers Compensation Insurance
    • Determining Whether the WC&EL Policy Covers a Claim


    Coverage Fundamentals: Umbrella

    Deep dive in Umbrella Insurance

    • Commercial Excess Liability Insurance
    • Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance


    Introduction to Employee Benefits


    Employer-Sponsored Benefits Fundamentals for Commercial Lines

    Commercial Lines insurance professionals must understand employee benefits to view an account holistically, ask appropriate questions and engage in high-level discussions with clients and prospects

    • Group Health
    • Group Disability
    • Group Life, Retirement Plans
  • Month 4


    Importance, Dilemmas and Standards


    E&O and Specialty Coverages

    Distinguishing Between Professional and Management Liability


    Mastery & Application of Core Commercial Coverages

    Live virtual instruction led by UGA faculty focused on mastery and application of core commercial coverages

Module 2 Schedule

  • Month 5

    Broker & Carrier Financials

    An overview of financials of carriers and brokers and how each drives revenue


    Carrier Operations, Distribution, Underwriting Process

    Participants will gain an understanding of carrier operations, distribution channels and the underwriting process to better understand the what information is needed from a client/prospect and why

    • Functional View of Insurance
    • Revenue and Expenses
    • Profitability
    • Excess and Surplus Lines Intermediaries
    • Insurance Markets and Competition
    • Underwriting Activities
    • Capacity Considerations
    • The Underwriting Process
    • State Regulation of Underwriting


    Insurance Cycles & Reinsurance

    • Cycles and Business Strategies
    • Factors Influencing Underwriting Cycles
    • Reinsurance Fundamentals
      • Functions of Reinsurance
      • Treaty and Facultative
      • Sources of Reinsurance


    Business Relationships

    Participants will learn the importance of business relationships with clients, carrier partners and SMEs—and be able to identify and develop those relationships

    • Carrier/Brokerage Relationships
    • Relationship Economics
  • Month 6


    Participants will be guided in learning about firm’s primary markets and will attend carrier partner presentations based on agency markets to learn commercial package features, benefits, differentiators, appetite, etc

    • Learn Your Agency Markets
    • Carrier Partner Presentations


    Personal Brand

    Participants will learn what a personal brand is and how to build their own unique brand, both in-person and virtually



    Participants will learn the importance of understanding their niche industry, talking the language, differentiators, etc. Industry experts will share examples of how they built their specializations

    • Practitioner Insights
    • Discovering/Developing Your Niche



    • Electronic data protection
    • Cyber extortion
    • Cyber crime
    • Notification or remediation
    • Business interruption
    • Network security liability
    • Privacy liability
    • Electronic media liability
    • Technology errors and omissions liability
    • Intellectual property liability
  • Month 7


    Participants will learn and practice in-person and virtual networking skills

    Loss Control

    Participants will understand the role of Loss Control in identifying exposures and reducing the possibility that a loss will occur and/or reducing the severity of those that do occur.

    Claims Fundamentals & Advocating for the Client

    • Parties to the Insurance Policy
    • Claim Handling Activities
    • Roles of Claims Personnel
    • Interpersonal Skills of Claims Representatives
    • Legal Factors that Affect the Claim Environment
    • Laws that Influence Claims Handling Practices
    • Regulatory Requirements that Affect Claim Handling
    • Measures Used to Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    • Being an advocate for your client


    Wholesalers, MGAs, Excess & Surplus Lines, Lloyds

    • Overview of the Surplus Lines Market
    • The Surplus Lines Distribution System
    • Surplus Lines Insurers
    • Surplus Lines Insurance Products
    • Determining Whether the BACF Covers a Claim


    Financial Business Acumen

    Using a computer simulation, participants will learn the financial drivers of a business to better understand and build credibility with their clients and prospects. Key content:

    • Financial Concepts and Metrics
    • Financial Statements
    • Financial Ratios
  • Month 8

    Cross General Competency

    Personal Lines: Cross-Silo Competency

    Personal Lines fundamentals that the Commercial Lines professional must know to ensure account continuity.

    • Personal Auto Insurance Policy
    • Homeowners Insurance Policy
    • Dwelling, Mobile Home, Flood, and Windstorm
    • Personal Inland Marine, Watercraft and Umbrella


    Coverage Fundamentals: Umbrella

    Deep dive into Umbrella Insurance

    • Commercial Excess Liability Insurance
    • Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance


    International Insurance

    Deep dive into International Property & Casualty and Employee Benefit Management

    • International Programs:
      • Exporters Package Program
      • Different Ways International P/C Insurance Programs Can Be Written
      • Different ways International Employee Benefit Insurance Programs Can Be Written
    • International Project Management:
      • Process for incoming and outgoing insurance business – workflow and responsibilities defined
      • Broker service expectations – expected standards and services provided
      • Define all parties involved and their positions, as well as how each relationship will be managed
      • Conditions in which broker can be controlling broker when client or prospect is not headquartered in your country
      • Effective Communications
      • How to Manage Your Insured’s International Program
      • Who Has Authority to Issue and Sign Local Country Binders, Certificates and Insurance Policies
      • Compliance – Advantages, Disadvantages, Legal and Tax Consequences
      • Case Studies
      • How to Avoid Errors & Omission Claims
  • Month 9


    • Contract bonds
    • License and permit bonds
    • Public official bonds
    • Court bonds
    • Miscellaneous bonds


    Emerging Technologies & Risk

    • The Digitization of Risk Management and Insurance: Disruption
    • Data-Driven Decision Making in Risk Management and Insurance
    • How the Internet of Things Expands the Data Pipeline
    • How the Blockchain Will Help Transform Risk Management and Insurance
    • How Data Analytics Animates the Digital Revolution
    • The Digital Revolution in Risk Management and Insurance: Where We’re Going


    Emerging Industry Issues & Trends


    Capstone Case Study


    Legislative Landscape & Advocacy

    Participants will focus on how the insurance industry is regulated and current industry advocacy issues.


    Presentation Skills


    Capstone Presentation

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