Today’s economic environment is more challenging and competitive than ever, and helping employees hit the ground running is key to your firm’s productivity and success. It’s up to you to develop and maintain your employee’s business skills – whether it’s sales, service or support skills – and keep their confidence high as they tackle their day-to-day responsibilities. Our online training series, Essential Business Skills for the Insurance Professional, can help.

View this free demo (module 4.6, Closing the Sale) from Course 4 to see first-hand the ease-of-use and benefits this program can offer you and your colleagues. The entire program offers 36 online modules across six self-study courses designed to develop practical selling and servicing skills, teach business-related interpersonal skills, increase productivity and much more.

Co-produced and launched by The Institutes and The Council in January 2012, Essential Business Skills for the Insurance Professional is available to Council members at a discounted rate of $112. Courses can be purchased separately and pricing is broken down below:

  1. Overview of the Insurance Industry (1 Hour, $20)
  2. Fundamental Business Skills (1 Hour, $20)
  3. Building Client Relationships (1 Hour, $20)
  4. Consultative Selling (2 Hours, $40)
  5. Management Training (2 Hours, $40)
  6. Follow-Up Coaching (1 Hour, $20)

For more information, contact Julia Ruiz at

Each course in this series:

  • Contains audio and graphics
  • Tests understanding with quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Integrates with your organization’s existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Earns a certificate of completion (upon successfully finishing the requirements)

View the complete course brochure.