The Insurance Professional School – your path to the APRI® designation

The Insurance Professional School is designed to provide new to industry employees with the knowledge and skills needed to excel. Now offering separate, customized programs for Property/Casualty and Employee Benefits professionals, The Insurance Professional School is a comprehensive nine-month curriculum. The Council has partnered with universities and organizations offering best-in-class insurance education to create a program that combines online, self-paced learning with activities and live virtual sessions that reinforce understanding and application of the material to real-world scenarios. Upon completion of the full learning experience, participants are eligible to earn the APRI (Accredited Professional in Risk & Insurance), an early-career designation that lends credibility to professionals who are working to establish themselves with their peers and clients.






The Insurance Professional School combines online, self-paced learning with activities and live virtual sessions that reinforce understanding and provide opportunities to apply the material to real world scenarios. Our program is intentionally designed to allow participants the time they need to do their job while learning the skills they need to succeed. Resources are provided to support managers in their efforts to reinforce and transfer the learning to the job.
Our partnerships with industry experts allow us to offer your employees in-depth knowledge, facilitated discussions, growth-oriented assignments and accountability checkpoints to ensure learning retention.

Participant time commitment: approximately 4 hours per week

Tuition: $4,500 per person


The Insurance Professional School is the perfect opportunity for firms to attract and retain young employees with the motivation and drive to become seasoned industry champions. The expert instruction the School offers is designed for participants with less than three years in the industry who are licensed and in whom you see potential.

Roles that will find the most value in attending The Insurance Professional School include:

  • Producers/Benefits Consultants
  • Account executives
  • Account managers
  • Claims professionals
  • Other business development associates



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