Accredited Professional in Risk and Insurance (APRI®)

The Council, in partnership with The Institutes and the University of Georgia, has created a new industry designation designed specifically for commercial insurance brokerage – the Accredited Professional in Risk and Insurance (APRI). The APRI can be earned after fulfilling a series of requirements, including completion of The Council’s nine-month Insurance Professional School, which is the only school that accelerates the learning of top talent at brokerage firms, while allowing students to work fulltime and apply their skills on the job. Professionals who achieve this designation will have:

  • The skills needed to handle the challenges and responsibilities of their job
  • Enhanced credibility with clients, peers, and carriers
  • Enhanced confidence which can help a firm retain good talent

As our client base becomes more and more sophisticated, our brokers must be able to differentiate themselves as true experts in our industry.

Those achieving the APRI will be considered to have a greater level of knowledge and specialization.

  • Meet the 2022 APRI Designees

    First Name

    Last Name


    Jordan Atwater TrueNorth Companies
    Mira Bareis Morris & Garritano Insurance Agency
    John Becker MJ Insurance
    Kate Botkin Henderson Brothers
    Kellen Bouvier Bouvier Insurance
    Andrea Brucker Brown & Brown
    Carolyn Cavanaugh Graham Company
    Jordan Cowhey Cottingham & Butler
    Anthony Cutsforth Cottingham & Butler
    Jack Eubanks Marsh McLennan Agency
    Lanie Frias Hylant Group
    Spencer Friedman Alera Group
    Sandra Gomez Ferguson & McGuire
    Nicholas Hilgen Marsh McLennan Agency
    Christy Houk Morris & Garritano Insurance Agency
    Robyn Johns Cottingham & Butler
    Landon Lucansky CBIZ Insurance Services
    Ashlee Metcalf Cottingham & Butler
    Halie Mills MJ Insurance
    Shelby Mocnik Marsh McLennan Agency
    Wanda Mondry Oswald Companies
    Ryan Nehls HNI Risk Services
    Silvia Oriani Hylant Group
    Hunter Rappleye InterWest Insurance Services
    Delbert Redfield Hylant Group
    Sam Rodgers Hylant Group
    Kristine Sills Marsh McLennan Agency
    Jacob Simon MJ Insurance
    Ben Sweere Cottingham & Butler
    Jizelle Vado Heffernan Insurance Brokers
    Stephanie Winkleman MJ Insurance
  • Meet the 2021 APRI Designees

    First Name

    Last Name


    Michael Adam Cottingham & Butler
    Alex Bill MJ Insurance
    Connor Carroll Cottingham & Butler
    Lucas Daniels Cottingham & Butler
    Nicole diLorenzo Newfront Insurance
    Adam Hartman MJ Insurance
    Sara Humphries Hylant
    Brandon Justin Cottingham & Butler
    Eleanor Ko Woodruff Sawyer
    Isaac Lintz Holmes, Murphy and Associates
    Chris Loewenberg Cottingham & Butler
    Justin Medlock Newfront Insurance
    Kelsey Mefferd Hylant
    Katherine Moritz AmWINS Group
    Terek Nesheim M3 Insurance Solutions
    Anthony Noel Cottingham & Butler
    Dominique Norton MJ Insurance
    Katie Nosik OneGroup
    Mike Olexsy Woodruff Sawyer
    Tosca Pinder Newfront Insurance
    Stephen Saddemi Hylant
    Coco Schoeller Newfront Insurance
    Jon Slusser MJ Insurance
    Matthew Timmons Cottingham & Butler
    Tanessa Turner Newfront Insurance
    David Velasco JGS Insurance
    Drew Wagner Cottingham & Butler
    Jake Weber Cottingham & Butler
    Chastity Wilson Newfront Insurance
    Klaudia Wrona Ed Broking
    Amber Yates Woodruff Sawyer
  • APRI Designation Tool Kit

More on the APRI®

The words used in naming the designation also have significance:

    • Accredited – giving official approval of and recognition as outstanding.
    • Professional – someone in a specialized job which requires intense training and who holds themselves to the highest standards.
    • Risk and Insurance are specified in the designation because they are the tools, used to allow the world to innovate.

The designation requirements are rigorous and carefully designed:

  • Complete the 9-month Insurance Professional School
  • Pass the two comprehensive exams at the end of Module One and Module Two of the Insurance Professional School. These exams were designed and administered by The Institutes.
  • Successfully complete the Capstone Project at the conclusion of Module 2. This project is graded by the University of Georgia faculty, the number one ranked RMI program in the US (U.S. News & World Report).
  • Submit a Professional Growth Plan. This Plan intentionally sets these APRI professionals on a path of continuous learning and professional development, with clearly identified next steps in their learning journey.
  • Submit a Letter of Recommendation from their manager.

Once attained, designees have the right to use APRI on all business correspondence and business cards. This puts them in an elite group of professionals who have shown they can master the complicated concepts required to do their job.


Interested in achieving your APRI designation? Learn more about the Insurance Professional School at the link below.