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The Council has created a dedicated workspace exclusively for members at our headquarters at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. This new benefit is available to anyone in your firm who is traveling to D.C. and would prefer a private office, meeting space, or open cubical workspace rather than taking Zoom calls from a hotel or meeting with business partners in a local coffee shop or restaurant.

Located within The Council’s suite, our member space includes: 


Members will have access to all the traditional amenities you would find in a corporate office setting including printers/copiers, video conferencing equipment and a safe, secure wireless network. There is also a full kitchen, coffee bar, UPS drop location inside of the building, and FedEx storefront across the street.

The Event Space

The Council also offers space to our members and business partners for networking and private business events. Hosts will have access to our full kitchen, which is designed to accommodate catering/bartending vendors for an intimate lunch or a larger reception.

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