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About the Working Group

Marketing is playing an integral role in the growth and strategic initiatives of your firms.  The challenges today have become more complex and the need to transform marketing departments to drive revenue and deliver results is essential.  Technology adoption is accelerating the way our customers engage with our firms and the need to break through the clutter and create customized experiences increases.  The goal of this working group is to explore proven strategies, leverage opportunities and broaden your insights and resources among other industry marketing professionals.

Some top-of-mind challenges include:

  • Brand differentiation and consistency throughout your organization
  • Establishing marketing’s strategic role in driving revenue—effective marketing automation and data driven strategies to drive ROI and build stronger retention efforts
  • Collaboration with CIOs/IT departments to drive cost and technology efficiency
  • Internal brand communications
  • Crisis communications planning for both internal and external events
  • Identifying the skill sets and scale needed for tomorrow’s marketing departments
  • Building content strategies to leverage knowledge share and educate your clients
  • Social media best practices
  • Integrating marketing channels to expand brand reach
  • Creating effective marketing strategies to attract top talent

These programs are customized exclusively for The Council members and offer peer-to-peer networking opportunities.