International Working Group

All Council member firms that are involved in global placements and/or have interest in growing their international practice are encouraged to get involved with the International Working Group. The goal of the group is to offer an open forum for brokers and agents with global placements to exchange views with peers, strengthen existing ties with the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies and launch new partnerships with sectorial leaders from major global markets. The International Working Group facilitates dialogue on broad issues that directly affect firms’ overseas business and fosters a collaborative environment through informal and interactive exchanges. We ensure that members have access to current market intelligence and offer a forum to address firms’ operational and servicing challenges with cross-border placements. These international challenges include:

  • Regulatory environment: International taxation and regulatory developments
  • International placement: Applied issues of placing international coverage
  • Human Resources: Recruitment and operational best practices
  • Market information: International benchmarking and market intelligence
  • Operational IT issues: IT application, management systems and data analytics
  • Cybersecurity and online data: Cybersecurity, data privacy and data protection
  • Skills development: Talent and leadership development and retention


Virtual Meetings:

October 2, 2021 | International Working Group

The International Working Group continues developing a candid conversation between corporate risk managers and brokers on fundamental questions around client engagement, and explores how the pandemic and hard market affected policyholders’ risk profile and relationship with carriers and consultants. The second panel features an interview with EY’s expert Taffy Jo Mayers on trends that shape the future insurance market and offers insights on how stakeholders should position themselves for success.

September 30, 2020 | International Working Group Meeting: Risk Management Insights

Risk managers from Marriott, Mitch Aucoin, and Bechtel, Jaap Vroljik, shared their assessment of the global risk landscape and brokers’ role in navigating the pandemic. In addition, defense attorney Gavin Kealey, who represented MS Amlin and Ecclesiastical in the U.K. business interruption test case, provided his insights on the hearings and the judgment of September 15.


June 25, 2020 | International Working Group Meeting: Emerging Pandemic Risks in Food Sector

Peter Rosiere, Vice President for Risk Management at Sodexo, a global leader in food services and facility management, shares the industry’s perspective on emerging risks and safety protocols under the pandemic. He also provides insights on how the pandemic shaped the company’s operational risks and global supply chain, what challenges were confronted while returning to work, and how brokers can add value.

June 1, 2020 | International Working Group Meeting: Analyzing Global Survey on Brokerage Operations

An in-depth conversation about The Council’s global survey results on members’ operational practices and trends in client services, shaped by the pandemic. How brokers have stayed in business, how clients’ needs have changed and what lessons we will carry over to the new normal – these are some questions posed to the group. Also joining was the LIIBA President and CEO Chris Croft to guide on recent developments on the London and EU markets and insurance regulations.

May 7, 2020 | Return to Work in the New Normal: Global Focus on Workforce Health, Safety & Emerging Risks

This International Working Group meeting features an interactive conversation with Donna Lynch, practice leader at the global environmental, health and safety consultancy Antea, who shares her take on key elements of health and safety protocols as companies return back to work. Solvay’s deputy head of global insurance, Xenia Whitacre also weighs in on her company’s experience in tackling challenges in supply chain risks and global workforce management.

April 16, 2020 | International Working Group Meeting: Pandemic and Brokers’ Global Response

To leverage The Council’s platform and expertise of our members worldwide, the International Working Group will continue serving as a resource of market intelligence in these challenging times through a series of interactive virtual meetings. This first meeting on April 16 featured member experts from Ascoma, Miller and Pacific Prime sharing their insights on the pandemic impact on operations in China and Africa, as well as the London market’s developments.


  • Laurent Gizardin, Ascoma
  • John Eltham, Miller
  • Jonathan Hsieh, Pacific Prime

Moderated by International Working Group Chair Tarun Chopra of Clements Worldwide


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