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Red Alert: Senate Considering Taxation of Benefits: Grassroots Opposition Campaign Underway
Red Alert | Jun. 5, 2017 | ACA, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Government Affairs, Healthcare

As preservation of the employer-provided group market is The Council’s top legislative goal, we strongly encourage you and your colleagues (as well as your clients) to contact your two United States senators and urge their strong opposition to taxation of benefits.

Yellow Alert: Healthcare Reform: Clown Car, or Simple Growing Pains?
Yellow Alert | Apr. 4, 2017 | ACA, Cadillac Tax, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Flood, Government Affairs

Joel Wood, The Council’s senior vice president of government affairs, gives a report on the state of play for Trumpcare and the House’s repeal and replace efforts.

RED ALERT: Oppose Any New Taxes on Employer Health Insurance
Red Alert | Feb. 24, 2017 | ACA, Healthcare

House GOP leaders this morning released a “discussion draft” of legislation designed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that includes a “pay-for” provision that would scale back the employer exclusion from taxation for benefits from 100 percent to 90 percent.

YELLOW ALERT: Fiduciary Rule and Financial Services Regulations
Yellow Alert | Feb. 3, 2017 | Dodd-Frank, Fiduciary Rule, Financial Services

Today, the White House issued two releases of import to the financial services community: a memorandum to the Department of Labor directing it to re-examine the fiduciary rule, and an executive order on financial services regulation. Both actions are discussed in more detail below.