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Associate, Help Desk

Patrick Silvey is the Help Desk Associate at The Council, where he assists the IT (Information Technology) team in making sure everybody has all the necessary technological hardware and software necessary to work in an efficient manner, Also, to help with any tech issues anybody may have at The Council. Patrick comes with a few years of experience working in IT within the Federal Government and in customer service. A native of Washington D.C., Patrick holds a B.B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Michigan-Flint and a MBA. He also is certified in IT support from Google. During his free time, Patrick enjoys watching and playing sports, listening to music, listening to podcasts, learning about quantum physics, and watching the food network.

Hobbies: Watching and playing sports, listening to podcasts, video games, board games and fantasy football

Passion: Sports, physics, cosmology, economics, tech, music, video games, food network and University of Michigan Wolverines

Favorite food: Burgers

Last book I read: Something Deeply Hidden-Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime by Sean Carroll

Favorite TV show: The Flash

Favorite movie: The Sandlot