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Women in Insurance

Welcome to the Women in Insurance resource page by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB), dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the insurance industry. Here, we celebrate the achievements of women professionals and provide a curated collection of resources and insights tailored to their unique experiences. Join us in shaping a future where diversity is celebrated, and women play a pivotal role in driving success and innovation in the dynamic world of insurance.

  • Articles

    Women leaders make work better. Here’s the science behind how to promote them”

    Psychological research shows women leaders improve businesses. Experts share how to increase the number of women in leadership roles.


    Leadership Advice and Management Regrets From WSJ’s Women in the Workplace Forum”

    Women in business, politics and entertainment share what it takes to succeed.


    Women are being pushed off the edge of the glass cliff. Here’s what that means and what to do about it.”

    “Glass cliff” builds on that idea — it’s the phenomenon in which female executives are only given leadership roles in seemingly impossible situations like crises, economic collapses or negative public relations incidents. Women are seen as the right choice to clean up a mess, but not to lead when times are good.

  • Podcasts

    Women in the workplace are breaking up to break free

    “Women leaders are voting with their feet,” says McKinsey senior partner Alexis Krivkovich on this week’s episode of The McKinsey Podcast. She and senior partner Lareina Yee speak with global editorial director Lucia Rahilly to dig into the latest Women in the Workplace research. They break down the reasons behind “the great breakup” and what organizations must do to materially value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—and what’s at stake if they don’t.


    Please, go on: VP Kamala Harris on women in the workplace

    Post columnist James Hohmann speaks with Vice President Harris about the exodus of women from the workforce during the pandemic.

  • Videos

    Women in the Workplace: The Unfinished Fight for Equality

    The leadership gender gap has yet to close, and the pandemic’s impact on women in the workforce has set back progress even further. Several women share their stories of combating harassment, toxic work environments, and gender expectations that keep women from reaching top positions in their field.

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    How to Challenge Workplace Discrimination and Win I Donna Patterson I TEDxLondonWomen

    When Donna Patterson took on one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, representing herself at an employment tribunal, she had no idea if she would win, let alone that the news of her story would go viral. She was driven by a sense of injustice, having been discriminated against after returning from maternity leave. Without a budget to pay for a lawyer, she learnt how to navigate an employment tribunal and the ins and outs of the UK equality law. She won her discrimination case in 2022 and is now determined to help other workers hold their employers to account – especially women and marginalized groups. Donna believes only by speaking out and challenging discriminatory practices that we can ever hope to change workplaces to reflect the diverse society we live in.

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    The Largest Untapped Pool of Talent in Business: Women I Mahdis Gharaei I TEDxInnsbruck

    Mahdis Gharaei reveals a compelling case that forward-thinking organizations can’t afford to ignore: the immense potential of women in leadership and the competitive advantage of diversity in business. This talk is suitable for any business leader and HR decision-maker ready to break down the barriers to women’s advancements in the workplace, eager to win in the war for (female) talent. As the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the global career platform “the female factor,” Mahdis shows simple solutions to the most common obstacles in setting up diverse leadership teams.

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    The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders I Robin Hauser I TED

    When women lead, bias often follows. Documentarian Robin Hauser dives into the dilemma between competence and likability faced by women in leadership roles, delving into the unconscious beliefs and gendered thinking that distort what it means to be a good leader.

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