The sharp-witted podcast below presented by KNext365, an Informa business, is a great 30-minute immersion into the convergence of commercial lines and technology.

Paolo Cuomo, principal at Boston Consulting Group, Andrew Yeoman, chief executive officer at Concirrus (London-based IoT startup providing digital insurance underwriting tools), and John Warburton, chief executive officer at Konsileo (London-based commercial insurance broking startup), cover a lot of ground delving into the key question for brokers: What does advice look like in the future?

There is a new value chain building up around advice to businesses—what risk is, using data—but it’s very different to how the insurance industry is setup at the moment. We are moving from a world where an insurance policy is written once a year and a broker takes historic reported data to an underwriter who makes a decision—to a world using observable behavior to understand on an ongoing basis what’s happening and how the risk is changing and how the carrier wants to engage with that. And, yes, there is absolutely a role for the broker to play in that.

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