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Data Breach: Alabama
Alabama | Jun. 19, 2018

What entities are covered? “Any person, sole proprietorship, partnership, government entity, corporation, nonprofit, trust estate, cooperative association, or other business entity that acquires or uses sensitive personally identifying information.” SB

Surplus Lines: Alabama
Alabama | Mar. 22, 2017

Licensing Requirements: Surplus line brokers are required to be licensed under Alabama law. Ala. Code § 27-10-24(a). The requirements include: (1) being licensed in Alabama as a resident insurance producer

Producers’ Fiduciary Responsibilities: Alabama
Alabama | Mar. 21, 2017

Does the state impose a fiduciary obligation on producers with respect to the handling of client funds (e.g. funds, monies, premiums and return premiums)? Yes.  All premiums or return premiums

Producers’ Fees and Commissions: Alabama
Alabama | Mar. 21, 2017

May producers both charge a fee and collect a commission in connection with transactions and services provided to a particular client? Insurance producers may charge fees in addition to receiving