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The Council’s Future Advisory Committee

Reporting to The Council’s Board of Directors, this committee serves to identify and advise on important issues relative to the future of the insurance brokerage business and the impact these issues will have on both the membership and the association. They will bring forth innovation and advocacy considerations to meet these issues. This Board-appointed, member-led advisory committee, will utilize a disciplined innovation process to explore, test, and recommend new Council programs, utilities, partners and positions statements that will advance the goals or our member companies and prepare the brokerage industry for future inflection points. An additional goal to help build overall skills of agility and innovation mindset for Council members.


The advisory committee is intended to be a collection of diverse individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to support the Board of Directors in effectively guiding the organization forward. The committee should be comprised of visionaries, builders, ideators, long-term thinkers and ambassadors of the future and reflect the ethnic diversity the industry aspires to represent.

  • Individuals should bring unique experiences and viewpoints to the table, acknowledging that different perspectives are critical to growing and evolving member businesses.
  • Individuals should be driven to create and participate in an environment that enables the sharing of new ideas and leading practices. They should be ready to challenge themselves and others to look at their businesses through a different lens by providing and receiving direct feedback.
  • Committee members should be willing to evaluate, test and make recommendations to Council leadership around new business opportunities and partnerships to support Council members in future-proofing their organizations.


The advisory committee has three primary responsibilities to help drive critical and real industry change:

  • Act as a liaison between the business of today and solutions of the future. The committee will offer insight and guidance on the future of business and industry in order to ensure The Council is well prepared for the evolution of business and customer needs.
  • Dedicate time and focus to one-or-two existing and complex challenges per year. The committee will apply a disciplined process designed to create a portfolio of options that will address the most strategic and urgent problems facing our members and their clients. The committee will be charged with ensuring that effective planning and adequate financial resources are provided to execute on their final recommendations
  • Informing and influencing The Council’s year-round agenda. This new advisory committee will play a critical role in informing The Council’s thinking and strategy as it continues to foster a culture of innovation and maximize its positive impact on clients and communities.

The committee will provide specific recommendations to The Council’s Board of Directors, but it will not be responsible for implementing the recommend solution. It will identify and work with appropriate stakeholders to vet and lay a sustainable foundation for The Council staff to advance.


The Future Advisory Committee consists of approximately 12-15 representatives. The committee Chair will report directly to the Board of Directors twice a year, sharing developments and serving as a formal channel of communication between the Board and Committee.

  • Committee members are identified by The Council or nominated by member firms to serve on the committee after demonstrating active participation and leadership within their organization.
  • One representative per Council member firm can sit on the committee at a time.
  • The length of advisory service is two years. Two consecutive two-year terms may be served. After completion of the second term, a mandatory roll-off period of one year commences. Members are eligible to be reappointed after the one-year roll-off period.


Due to the active and intensely participative nature of this committee, members will engage in project work approximately five to seven hours per month. Committee members are required to attend twice monthly committee meetings. This meeting schedule will be accompanied by independent work as necessary. Specific time commitments will be communicated prior to the start of a new project.

Questions/Comments? Contact The Council’s Julia Ruiz, VP of Leadership & Management Resources.