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Broker Smackdown Elite is an exclusive peer community open only to Broker Smackdown “graduates” aimed at ensuring the development of the future leaders of our industry. The Elite platform offers opportunities to accelerate your development, strengthen competencies needed to lead in the future, and build a professional network with other top performers.


Elite will build the future leaders of our industry by focusing on three key areas:

  • Leadership – challenge your perceptions about leadership and be inspired to think and lead differently.
  • Business Acumen – sharpen your skills as you continue to learn the business of your business and make quicker, smarter decisions.
  • Industry Expertise – stay ahead of trends and challenges critical to both your day-to-day and the business of tomorrow.



Elite Team Champion, Denver, CO

In Team Champion, a 1.5-day experiential workshop, participants receive an unparalleled crash course in high performance teamwork and inspirational leadership as they become part of a rowing crew under the guidance of expert-level coaches. Rowing becomes a metaphor for assessing team dynamics, achieving flow and balance and learning to modulate yourself for the sake of the team. Ultimately, the crew learns to truly draw on each other’s strengths to achieve optimal performance.

Work Skills of the Future

Through shared experiences, online resources, opportunities and assignments, this year we will work to build the skills identified as critical for success in the future. Quarterly communications and information will be shared with Elite members to help them understand what these skills are, why they are important, and how they can enhance their own skillset.