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Multinational technology company Cisco Systems, Inc. believes cyber security may be slowing down business. According to a poll sent out by Cisco, more than 70 percent of the 1,000 bosses surveyed felt that they, too, were being hampered by cyber security measures. A big reason for the opinion is that cyber security is changing the industry, and many employees do not want to put forth the effort to adapt and will move to a different industry as a result.

Such a short sited-approach on the part of these companies in regards to the rapidly growing industry of cyber security will result in drastically weakened cyber defenses. Cyber security measures may slow down business for the short-term because of the protocol and safety measures required, but not nearly as much as a cyber-attack or security breach would. What would we think of a company that lost its customer’s personal data if it refused to take proper cyber security measures because it “slowed down business”? The damage in reputation and business would far exceed any cost that the effort of shoring up cyber defenses would take. Be smart about cyber security, and go the extra mile to ensure the information safety of both your company and your clients.

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