Airline solutions and technology provider SITA has recently conducted a survey of the world’s top 200 airlines, finding that there is a big push to enhance cybersecurity. Ninety-one (91) percent of the airlines plan to invest in cybersecurity programs over the next three years – this is up from only 47 percent three years ago. Such a drastic increase can be linked to the advancement of the Internet of Things, or physical objects that are connected and send data to the internet.

The big jump in the need for cybersecurity boils down to all of the new technology that is being integrated into airline travel. Airlines have recently started to offer services over smartphones, like digital tickets and in flight purchases. There has also been a jump in the use of luggage tracking software airlines provide that boost customer satisfaction. It was also found that by 2019 many airlines plan on using social media and physical location to tailor their personal offers to passengers.

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