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You have been a leader in the Denver community for some time working to advance the technology industry in Colorado. What inspired you to join Highwing and lead the build-out of the company?
“Rob Cohen (CEO of IMA Financial and longtime personal friend) recognized the insurance industry was on the cusp of a software and information revolution. He shared an opportunity to join IMA in uncovering the power of IMA’s internal data set to drive innovation. As a successful founder and CEO of high growth companies innovating in other verticals, I was intrigued to learn the inner dynamics of the insurance industry. Starting with IMA’s business intelligence, I led an initiative to harness, clean, organize and enable data operability across the firm, resulting in a number of insight-driven growth initiatives for the business. Realizing the positive impact on the business internally, we began to imagine the impact for the business externally. We knew data operability between brokers and carriers could change the future of the industry at large. The opportunity to modernize the broker and carrier relationship was more than a project, it was a company—and Highwing was born. That was pretty inspiring.”