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For the second straight year, cyber-attacks are the number one threat perceived by businesses with data breaches coming in second, according to the fifth annual Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Horizon Scan. In this survey of 568 organizations around the world, “85 percent worry of a possibly data breach similar to that of Carpone Warehouse and Sony.” Clearly, these companies understand the growing risk of cyber attacks and data breaches but the question is: Is your company doing enough to keep itself safe and if a breach were to occur, are you prepared to respond?

This year’s top 10 global threats to business continuity are:

  1. Cyber attack
  2. Data breach
  3. Unplanned IT & telecom outages
  4. Act of terrorism
  5. Security Incident
  6. Interruption to utility supply
  7. Supply chain disruption
  8. Adverse weather
  9. Availability of key skills
  10. Health and Safety incident

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