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With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, users of those devices must remain aware of the potential dangers that they can bring to the workplace. A recent study released by the second annual National IT Trends in healthcare study from Peak 10 found that 59 percent of respondents said data privacy and security are still primary concerns due to recent ransomware attacks on hospitals, which extends to mobile devices and can in some cases also be transmitted through mobile devices. One of the authors of the study wrote that due to the increase in technology in the workplace “The responsibilities of healthcare CIOs are shifting rapidly,” wrote the report’s authors. “What was once an operations-based, day-to-day focused role has morphed into a strategic position, predicated by forecasting future needs based on today’s trends. Challenges include reacting to ever-changing regulations, implementing technology solutions to solve complex problems, improving patient care and outcomes and meeting regulation and security requirements.”

Though most companies have invested in anti-virus measures, many are beginning to rely more heavily on outsourcing in order to maintain cyber stability. In a 2015 inaugural survey, as many as 60 percent of respondents admitted to using third parties for their companies.

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