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December 5, 2018

It’s no secret that a government-controlled healthcare system would be disruptive—not only to the 156 million Americans with employer-sponsored healthcare, but also to those whom would be taxed to fund the system, which is how the proposed arrangements would operate sans copays or cost sharing. What we know is that there are at least six Medicare expansion plans before Congress. Single-payer legislation establishes one government-administered health plan, while public option bills would allow a government option to be sold alongside private options. Check out our breakdown:

Note: We recognize that when the next Congress begins in January, other single-payer and public option proposals may be introduced.

Sources: Kane, Arielle. “Progressives and Health Care: What Comes Next?” Progressive Policy Institute, 24 Oct. 2018,

For more details, see this memo created by our legal team at Steptoe & Johnson.

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