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Facebook users beware: The Trojan virus malware that recently targeted WhatsApp Messenger is now turning its attention to Facebook users. The Nivdort Trojan virus is sent by email claiming to be from Facebook, notifying that the recipient did not properly receive an “audio message” and that the user should click on the attachment to hear it. Do not click this link if you receive such an email. When clicked, the virus will lodge itself into the hard drive and spread its malware. This Nivdort virus, similar to most Trojan viruses, intends to phish through the victim’s personal files within infected parameters to steal IDs, passwords, pincodes, credit or debit card information and any other sensitive information it comes across.

The virus is easily recognizable, and can be identified through several key means. First, be wary of any emails claiming to come from Facebook, even if the email is official; many users let their guard down because Facebook is a large and a recognizable company. The odds are favorable that any problems the email states can be easily addressed through personal Facebook accounts. Secondly, the email in its current form will give itself away by its claim to possess an audio file, and will end with a set of random characters such as, but not limited to, ‘sele’ in an attempt to bypass filters. Finally, if the virus does manage to find its way through your defenses, be sure to treat the infection by thoroughly scanning any potentially affected files.

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