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Late last week, Omni Hotels & Resorts came out with shocking news that over 50,000 credit card numbers of those who stayed at their establishments have been stolen and sold. It is believed that the hacker was able to steal the information from the point of sale systems by using malicious software. Omni believes that 49 of its 60 North American hotels were affected between December 23, 2015 and June 14, 2016.

It is assumed that the criminals managed to install their malicious software to point-of-sale systems at Omni’s hotel bars. This same type of attack has already been used on Hyatt, Starwood and Hilton Hotels worldwide.  It is unknown exactly how many customers’ information was stolen. The cybercrime research team at Flashpoint has estimated that over 50,000 card numbers have been sold at this point. Hackers have been using the stolen card numbers to make fraudulent purchases since the end of February.

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