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Regan-CommunicationsThere’s always a buzz around when a company will be hacked, if it hasn’t already been. To combat these ever evolving threats, companies spend a fortune to try and keep people out, but what happens when a hack comes from within?

That’s what happened to Boston-based PR firm Regan Communications in early August, 2012.

Regan is currently suing New York-based Endeavor Services Group, which offers on-site IT support, for $150,000 in damages after the PR firm hack. A subcontractor at Endeavor, who had recently been fired for inappropriate behavior, “logged onto the Regan computer system remotely… and deleted the company’s active user directory, along with ‘hundreds of thousands of files relating to client work.’ He then shut down the firm’s entire network,” according to the suit that Advison Cyber Risk reviewed.


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