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Dell has published a whitepaper discussing four cybercriminals’ cyberattack strategies and counterattack strategies that could serve useful for your home or business. Today, cybercriminals use a variety of complex techniques to hack into networks and steal intellectual property. They are constantly thinking of new ways to outsmart the newest cybersecurity measures and can quietly hack into secure networks without leaving behind any clues of a breach. Here are some of the strategies cybercriminals often use with some suggestions to help prevent you from becoming a victim:

Cyberattack strategy #1: Bombard networks with malware around the clock

While usually offering some form of “network-based anti-malware technology,” many next-generation firewall vendors leave networks vulnerable to these ever-evolving attacks due to infrequent malware protection updates.

Counterattack #1: Protect your network every minute of every day

“Insist on a firewall that leverages the power of the cloud for real-time countermeasures to the latest malware threats.”

Cyberattack strategy #2: Infect networks with different forms of malware

Cybercriminals use different types of malware to attack networks. Viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware are the five most common types of malware cybercriminals rely on. Don’t be caught off guard.

Counterattack strategy #2: Ensure that your network is protected against all types of malware

Your firewall should protect your organization from all five types of malware. When evaluating your cybersecurity measures, look for network-based malware protection, continuous and timely updates and intrusion prevention service (IPS).

Cyberattack strategy #3: Find and compromise the weakest networks

Sometimes, firewalls “offer protection at the expense of performance” and as a result, organizations often turn off their security measures for higher network performance. Cybercriminals will find this weakness and take advantage of it.

Counterattack strategy #3: Choose a firewall that offers superior threat protection

When searching for a firewall, make sure that it has been “independently tested and certified for network-based malware protection by ICSA Labs.”

Cyberattack Strategy #4: Morph frequently and attack globally

New forms of malware get distributed around the globe almost as fast as cybercriminals continually develop them. Consequently, cybercriminals embrace the “smash and grab” approach which seeks to breach a target and move on to the next as fast as possible.

Counterattack #4: Choose a firewall that protects against global threats

“To block the latest global threats, invest in a security solution with global reach.” It is also very important for your firewall provide to have a “rapid-response, in-house team of countermeasure experts” to secure your network from new and emerging threats.

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