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Verizon recently released its Data Breach Investigations Report, an annual exhaustive analysis of data security incidents that’s often used as a benchmark in the field. The key takeaways of the survey: if information sharing is going to work, it needs to get much better, faster and smarter.

The 2015 VDBIR states that “most companies are hit by the same attackers reusing the same methods, but because all are trying to defend themselves separately, the attackers can be successful multiple times. If information from one company was shared quickly, others could identify and stop the attack behavior sooner and it would force the enemy to change their tactics.” However, 75% of attacks move on from the first victim to the second within 24 hours or less, and 40% move on within one hour, meaning information sharing must be extremely quick to be effective.

The report goes on to detail the high speed at which attacks occur and the sophistication of attacks, which makes defense all the more difficult. Reuters offers a good follow up overview of the Verizon report, which can be found here. 

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