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YELLOW ALERT: Oppose Amendment 69 in Colorado; Encourage your employees and clients to do the same

With the election only 5 weeks away, all eyes are on Colorado and the ballot initiative – Amendment 69 – that would amend Colorado’s Constitution, gut the state’s current healthcare system, and replace it with “ColoradoCare” – an ambiguous framework of a state-run health insurer.

This is not just a Colorado issue. This is a referendum on our system of healthcare and group benefits in the United States. It must be soundly defeated by a large enough margin to prevent future attempts in Colorado and other states.

We urge you to use our one-pager and talking points to educate your employees and customers living in Colorado about Amendment 69 and encourage them to vote NO on 69 on November 8.

Amendment 69 is Unpopular Among Likely Colorado Voters.
Poll Shows 65% Would Vote No.

A September survey of 500 likely general election voters in Colorado, conducted by Magellan Strategies, found that among respondents, 65 percent would vote no on the measure, rejecting ColoradoCare. 27 percent planned to vote yes, and 8 percent remained undecided.

A Colorado Health Institute Analysis Shows That ColoradoCare is Unsustainable

Taking into account increasing health care costs, ColoradoCare would run in the red each year of its first decade, growing to an $8 billion deficit by 2028. The system simply would not be able to support itself without raising taxes.

ColoradoCare In The News

Colorado’s single payer healthcare idea could make Sanders’ vision a reality
Supporters of Amendment 69 complain that the insurance industry is spending millions to convince residents not to vote for ColoradoCare for the industry’s own interests.

Amendment 69: ColoradoCare mimics existing single-payer disasters
The history of single-payer systems shows low-quality care and long wait times, in exchange for sky-high taxes. Single-payer systems in both Canada and Britain have failed, and patients who need care often come to the U.S. for the best treatment and technology.

Amendment 69 will hurt Colorado by Walker Stapleton, Colorado State Treasurer
The tax will be detrimental to small businesses because they often operate on “razor-thin profit margins.” Many experts, who support single-payer healthcare for the country, oppose ColoradoCare. Stapleton explains the $25 billion price tag is a floor, not a ceiling, and will likely increase, causing taxes to increase in response.

Amendment 69 would gut Colorado’s stable workers’ comp system
Every Coloradan would be affected by ColoradoCare, but the impact on employers, injured workers, and the entire workers’ comp system cannot be underestimated.

Colorado to Vote on Single-Payer Health System
A recent poll proved that ColoradoCare is unpopular with likely voters. State Treasurer Walker Stapleton said, “we’re confident it’s going to be defeated, but it’s important that it be defeated by a healthy enough margin that it does not come back in a future year.”

Materials You Can Use

The Council has put together a one-pager on Amendment 69 that you can download here.

In addition, The Council has created this set of talking points to help you spread the word.