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Using AI to create innovative customer service solutions
Client Service | Jan. 19, 2018

If we can identify the gaps and opportunities that exist, it will be easier to prepare and create innovative solutions when those customer needs/expectations/preferences present themselves in the commercial marketplace.

The Power of Convening
Client Service | Oct. 19, 2017

Here’s what we heard across the spectrum of attendees at InsureTech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas and the Insurance Leadership Forum (ILF) in Colorado Springs.

Flood, Claims, Healthcare, and More
Client Service | Sep. 7, 2017

An update on current and expiring legislation from our dynamic government affairs duo, EEOC update, InsurTech, and more.

The Art of Balancing Technology & Trust
Client Service | Jul. 10, 2017

Clients see you as reliable. They trust you. They count on you. No one disputes that. But being reliable and responsive today means being exceptionally proactive.