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Past Newsletters

Costs, Outcomes and Reform Efforts
Healthcare In Transition | Apr. 25, 2018 | ACA, Employee Benefits, Healthcare, Single Payer

April 25, 2018 The State of Healthcare Today: Report on Costs, Outcomes and Reform Efforts As healthcare spending in the U.S. reaches unsustainable levels, the value-based reform movement seeks to

ERISA, PBMs and Telehealth
Healthcare In Transition | Mar. 14, 2018 | DOL, Employee Benefits, Government Affairs, Healthcare

A Letter to DOL, Pharmacy Benefit Managers Grab Attention of HHS, and Telemed Saves Money and Means the Doctor is Always in.

The Time is Right
Healthcare In Transition | Jan. 31, 2018 | ACA, Cadillac Tax, Employee Benefits, FATCA, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Taxes

January 31, 2018 We’re just a few days away from our 2018 Legislative & Working Groups Summit, and our timing to lay down our markers on Capitol Hill could not

Cadillac Tax, Alexander/Murray & Shutdown Politics, Oh My!
Healthcare In Transition | Jan. 24, 2018 | ACA, Cadillac Tax, Drug Pricing, Employee Benefits, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Single Payer

The shutdown didn’t accomplish much, but it did delay implementation of the Cadillac Tax from 2020 to 2022. The Council’s Joel Wood & Joel Kopperud break it all down,.

Association Health Plans, QSEHRAs, and IRS ACA Deadlines
Healthcare In Transition | Jan. 10, 2018 | ACA, DOL, Employee Benefits, Government Affairs, Healthcare

The Department of Labor (DOL) released a proposed rule last week aiming to make it easier to form association health plans (AHPs) that qualify as large group plans.

Tax Reform’s Health Implications and more
Healthcare In Transition | Nov. 30, 2017 | ACA, Drug Pricing, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Taxes

As the Senate inches closer to a floor vote on the Republican tax overhaul bill, it’s still unclear if the votes are there.

When Tax Reform Morphs Into Healthcare Reform
Healthcare In Transition | Nov. 16, 2017 | ACA, Drug Pricing, FATCA, Flood, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Taxes

Another busy week for our dynamic government affairs duo, with lots of press given to the Senate GOP’s tax bill, which now includes a repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate.

ACA’s Win at Tuesday’s Polls
Healthcare In Transition | Nov. 8, 2017 | ACA, Employee Benefits, Healthcare

In what could be a sign of what’s to come in 2018—that the direction of the country is more toward embrace of the ACA, than rejection—Maine expanded Medicaid at the polls while Virginia Democrats made huge gains in the state house.

Complicated Tax Reform Issues
Healthcare In Transition | Oct. 26, 2017 | ACA, Cadillac Tax, Employee Benefits, Employer Tax Exclusion, Government Affairs, Healthcare

Another day, another proposal aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act. Our Government Affairs duo, Joel Wood and Joel Kopperud, tackle the latest news out of Washington, D.C.