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As you know, legislative and regulatory efforts to reduce drug costs is a top priority for both Democrats and Republicans in the next Congress, and it’s one of the few issues that could muster bipartisan support and achieve the President’s signature. The Council will be weighing in on several pieces of legislation as brokers and employers are increasingly playing a critical role in navigating complicated drug pricing schemes.

For your reference, The Council’s expert legal team has provided a spreadsheet to show the broad landscape of drug pricing legislation in the current Congress. The primary categories concern (1) drug pricing transparency, (2) prescription drug importation, (3) price gouging, (4) PBM transparency, and (5) multi-issue bills that address some of the main issue areas. The chart also includes a miscellaneous section that highlights other issues in this space.

Not all of these bills will necessarily be reintroduced next year, but it gives us an idea of the proposals that have garnered the most consideration to date. We’re working to identify where our members interests are most aligned here and how to best position our membership in this environment.

Click here for the tracker, prepared by our legal team at Steptoe & Johnson.