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A new study from F5 networks indicates that 36 percent of businesses still have yet to construct a plan of action in response to becoming victimized by a cyber-attack. When network attacks, malware, DDoS and ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common; it begs the question as to why so many businesses are unprepared for an attack.

Perhaps it comes down to small businesses thinking that they are not in the sights of hackers because of their size. It is also possible that they don’t feel like the information they have would be of use to a hacker. Nonetheless, it is vital that organizations take the proper measures to protect their data. When asked, security director of EMEA at F5 said, “It’s essential that businesses look at their entire security profile and work with providers and the market to understand where the most pressing threats are, as well as how to protect against them. The tools to support businesses are available, with options ranging from on premise implementations to as a service delivery models, meaning businesses of all sizes and profiles can ensure they’re protected at every level.”

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