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Credit-monitoring company Experian has recently released the findings of its September 2015 cyber security survey, yielding hopeful results. Of the 1,000 responses, over 90 percent recognize identity theft and cyber security in general as a growing concern. Roughly 70 percent of people from the survey are cautious while accessing public accounts or making online purchases and as high as 85 percent of those people claim that they do not keep printed records of their passwords and PIN numbers. This sort of careful behavior and awareness dramatically lowers the chance of having information easily stolen.

However, more than 50 percent of responses show that users do not check a website before visiting to ensure that it is secure, do not close a web browser after accessing a personal account and do not have their electronic devices password-protected. These numbers are more alarming because the possibilities of becoming the victim of an online attack skyrocket when simple actions such as logging out of a personal account or protecting personal items with a password are not taken. On the whole, the survey suggests positive growth concerning the culture of cyber security but that there is still room to grow.

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