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US_CoC_LogoThe battle over information sharing hasn’t died down going into the last week of August. In fact both sides are doubling down.

The Chamber of Commerce released another pro-CISA blog post, Cyber Info Sharing Bills Help Guard (Not Gut) America’s Privacy, and updated its one-pager (which is actually two pages), Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Legislation: Sharing Cyber Threat Indicators (CTIs)—Separating Fact From Fiction.

Additionally, Akamai has released its newest State of the Internet Security Report, which states that cyber “mega-attacks” are on the rise. Akamai notes that malicious attacks will always plague the digital world, one thing we can do to try and limit their impact is to support the CISA legislation.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wired recently published an article arguing against information sharing and the CISA legislation, arguing that the bill fails “to meaningfully protect individuals’ personal information and its overbroad legal immunity for companies, have been fairly well documented.”

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