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A top U.S. Chamber of Commerce official testifyed before the House Homeland Security Committee’s cyber panel and argued that, “lawmakers should focus on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s draft cyberthreat information sharing bill, CISA 2015, not the White House’s proposal.”

The Chamber’s National Security and Emergency Preparedness Director Matthew Eggers did not go quiet as far as saying that the Chamber was against the White House’s executive action, but stated that the White House plan to promote Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations needs a closer look, “the bottom line: The ISAOs-plus-standards-setting effort warrants scrutiny before our organization supports it,” Eggers said.

Additionally, Eggers believes that Tom Carper’s (D-DE) info-sharing bill, which is closely aligned with White House proposals, falls short of CISA 2015 when it comes to liability protection. During his testimony he stated, “the lack of safeguards and protections in all of these areas would deter industry from participating in these information sharing programs for fear of litigation and liability, whether at the federal or state level.”

PoliticioPro has it all.

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