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A new report released by Cisco Systems Inc., brings to light the fact that there has been a recent upswing in the number of ransomware attacks. It estimates that around 9,500 people pay ransom hackers every month at an average cost of $300. This adds up to more than $34 million per year coming out of individuals’ and small business’ pockets. As a result, Cisco did a test to find out how many of its devices being used at other companies were at risk to an attack. Cisco learned  that of the 115,000 devices analyzed, 106,000 of them had known weak spots in their software.

The reason cyber hackers are so successful is because they make programs called “Angler exploit kits” and use them to find weak spots in computer security systems were they then can put malware onto a computer and lock it up. While most antimalware companies come out with updates to stay on top of the game, the blame falls on the individuals who do not update their software leaving themselves vunerable to attacks. Small companies or individuals feel like they are too insignificant to be targeted by an attacker, and thus do not have anything to worry about. In reality, they are often targeted more frequently than larger companies that can afford to a keep a close eye on cybersecurity. While it is easy to overlook the importance of good cybersecurity practices, it is becoming increasingly important that everyone works together to ensure their company’s safety when it comes to cybercrime.

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