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Two committee meetings addressed cyber cybersecurity issues yesterday. The House Energy and Commerce Committee looked at data breach legislation in the morning and the House Science Committee heard testimony on cybersecurity and attacks.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee heard from TechAmerica’s Elizabeth Hyman, Acxiom’s Jennifer Glasgow, RILA’s Brian Dodge and Cumberland School of Law’s Woodrow Hartzog. All of whom were expected to testify in favor of a single federal law with some preemption over state law with regards to the 47 different state data breach laws across the U.S. and its territories.

The House Science Committee heard from National Science Foundation’s James Kurose, NIST’s Charles Romine, Congressional Research Service’s Eric Fischer ITI’s Dean Garfield and Symantec’s Cheri McGuire. Topics were expected to include a list of all of the federal agencies involved in cybersecurity and their complexities, the government’s role in promoting R&D as well as passing information sharing and cybercrime laws, and the current cyberthreat landscape.

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