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House Homeland and House Intel info-sharing update.

House Intel: According to PoliticoPro, “only five amendments will be considered today when the House Intelligence Committee info sharing bill (likely in the form of a substitute) finally gets debated. Making the cut: the manager’s amendment; three amendments ordering reports, one of which also promotes small businesses; and a seven-year sunset. The bill will get an hour of debate and amendments will be under the five-minute rule.” This means that the Rules Committee is barring 20 amendments, including attempts by Democrats and a few Republicans to add more privacy rights, and change the liability language among many others. This comes even after the White House released a statement supporting the bills but criticizing “sweeping liability protections.” The Statement of Administration Policy can be found here.

House Homeland: The House Homeland bill is tee’d up for the 23rd, with 11 amendments allowed under the same rule. According to PoliticoPro, “there are more reporting amendments, the seven-year sunset, the manager’s amendment, the Einstein authorization and a couple of amendments clarifying definitions.” But the Rules Committee cut 10 privacy amendments, ECPA language, Democrat refined liability language and more. The Statement of Administration Policy can be found here.

The Rules Committee has decided that after both bills pass the Homeland bill will be tagged onto the Intel bill to go to the Senate.

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