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President Obama has scheduled a public hearing later this month for The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity and will target the financial and insurance sectors, according to PoliticoPro. This national cybersecurity commission, appointed by the president and congressional leaders, “plans to hold three separate panel discussions, focused on cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in the finance and insurance sectors as well as cybersecurity research and development in the finance sector.”  At the inaugural meeting of the commission last month, executive director Kiersten Todt announced that four other workshops will potentially be planned intended to help work towards the White House’s “ambitious set of recommendations” by next December. The first, taking place in June in California is expected to foucs on research, development and innovation. In July, the commission will meet in Houston to discuss oil, gas, and other critical infrastructure sectors. The commission will then move to the Midwest in August for a retail sector and consumer workshop and finally, a final forum will take place in Washington, D.C., in September.  According to Todt, the goal of the commission is to have “at least one draft set of recommendations available for public review by the final forum.”

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