While speaking at the “computer security industry’s version of the Detroit auto show,” Amit Yoran, president of EMC Corp.’s RSA unit, said that, “the industry has failed. Pick up any newspaper. Even organizations that are investing millions and millions of dollars in security, they’re still getting compromised on a consistent basis.”

Yoran, a security expert who graduated from West Point and served for many years at the DoD, doesn’t think that any company will be able to put a stop to all data breaches. Yoran points to many flaws in the industry that contribute to these problems including, faulty software and market competition which leads to security companies to pitch their solutions as a “cure-all.”

According to Robert M. Lee, co-founder of a security startup, Dragos Security LLC, and a cyberwarfare operations officer for the U.S. Air Force, “It’s almost seen as vile to have other companies take up part of the budget.”

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