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Included in the President’s budget (announced yesterday) is an unclassified cybersecurity request of $14 billion, which is a slight increase from the $13 billion requested the previous two years. In previous years, roughly 90% of that budget has gone towards personnel for both government employees and contractors.

Additionally, the White House has requested to allocate $105 million to expand its U.S. Digital Service, which will create cybersecurity and cyber readiness teams in 25 agencies.

The FBI has requested $20 million in additional funding for its Next Generation Cyber Initiative as well as its contributions to the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (ICITE), which is a shared intelligence agency cloud system. According to PoliticoPro, the FBI’s cyber initiative is aimed at refocusing “the bureau’s cyber division on computer network intrusions, as opposed to crimes committed with computers, to establish cyber task forces in FBI’s 56 field offices, and to expand the FBI’s contribution to the cross-agency National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force.”

More details on the President’s FY16 budget can be found here.

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