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As the concept of self-driving cars becomes increasingly realistic and the number of connected cars increases by day, the FBI and Department of Transportation (DoT) have released a public service announcement to warn manufacturers and consumers about the dangers of such automobiles.  “Vulnerabilities may exist within a vehicle’s wireless communication functions, within a mobile device – such as a cellular phone or tablet connected to the vehicle via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi – or within a third-party device connected through a vehicle diagnostic port,” the PSA states. Officials warn that because of these new connections, cybercriminals now have access to more portals to remotely access vehicle controls and systems.  Cybersecurity expert David Derigotis, VP at Burns and Wilcox advises consumers to take appropriate precautions such as ensuring their vehicle’s software is up to date, to use cation when connecting third-party devices to the vehicle and to be aware of who has physical access to your automobile.

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