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According to new information in regards to the San Bernardino phone-hacking, the FBI received help from an unidentified group of professional hackers who were able to discover a flaw in the iPhone that allowed the Bureau to crack the phone’s four-digit screen password without resetting the phone’s personal data. The group in question was originally believed to be Israeli cyber security firm Cellebrite, but further reports have confirmed the group did not have a hand in the controversial affair.

The government must now deal with the decision of whether or not to disclose the information uncovered about the phone to Apple. Because the third party in question is believed to come from an ethical grey area of the cyber world (researchers who hack into software and then sell the information of the flaws to the owner) it is rumored that the FBI is hesitant to disclose any information of their dealings with the shadowy group. Furthermore, due to the iPhone’s constant updates the flaw has a short shelf-life and may be of little consequence in future dealings. Apple stated last week that they would not sue to receive access to the discovered vulnerability, though pressure from many outside organizations may force the government to make a decision.

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