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A security researcher by the name of Samy Kamkar was able to create a USB charging device that is capable of decrypting and recording keystrokes from a wireless Microsoft keyboard, even after being unplugged due to a rechargeable mobile battery. The FBI has issued a warning to private corporations to be aware of private hackers that could be sniffing around their servers for passwords or other sensitive information. They have warned that if one of these devices is well placed in an office where wireless devices are used, it could steal information pertaining to Intellectual property, trade secrets, personal identifiable information (PII) and other kinds of sensitive data. These devices are made to look similar to a USB charging device and thus are much harder to detect by the target or targets of the theft. Microsoft has released a statement saying that their wireless keyboards, including the ones that were released after 2011 are protected. This is due to them utilizing Advanced Encryption Standards (AES). It is recommended that these companies either stay away from wireless keyboards or use ones that have AES.

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