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csidCurrent and former federal employees affected by the breach at the Office of Personnel Management have grown increasingly concerned that they may not actually be covered in the event that their personal information is used for fraudulent purposes.

The summary of benefits provided to those affected by April’s massive OPM breach provided no information on who will be providing the victims with coverage and included limited details about the coverage and the procedures for filing a claim. Patrick Hillmann, spokesman for CSID, insists that all current and former employees who have been offered liability protection will be covered under the policies.

The document also states that it covers those individuals living within the United States and Puerto Rico, but excludes employees in New York State. Persons living overseas or in New York are still covered, says Hillmann, but under separate policies that include all of the same benefits.

An affected federal employee told Federal Times that he tried to discover the name of the insurer and obtain a copy of the actual policy from CSID, but was given only the same summary of benefits.

Hillmann insists that those who were granted coverage have access to the information online through a member portal, although those who have tried say they still cannot find the full policy documents.

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