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One of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms, FireEye Inc., recently purchased threat intelligence firm iSight, known for its discovery of major cyber threats from international sources such as Iran and Russia, for a sum of $200 million. What’s more, the sale could potentially climb as high as $275 million should iSight meet specific sale goals by mid-2018. iSight Chief Executive John Watters hoped for as much as $1 billion on the sale, but most cyber security stock fell after news-worthy attacks on the U.S. government, Sony, and Target left holders with little confidence in the cyber security industry. Ironically, the devaluation of cyber security stock could bear some good news for FireEye as the lesser value leaves little room for error with smaller start-up companies and therefore, less competition for the more established companies.

FireEye’s personal stock is expected to climb, with the company claiming that its fourth quarter earnings will be better than initially expected. With concerns to whether he plans to consider selling the newly-merged company, FireEye Chief Executive Dave DeWalt admits he will consider the possibility stating, “If big companies come along to acquire us and they give us a great payout, you’ve got to consider it.”

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