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As problematic as the Ransomware virus has been recently, things could be getting worse soon due to the first discovered case of the malware targeting an Apple operating system. The implication here is clear: that Apple devices, which were thought to be safe from Ransomware, have been proven to be susceptible to the virus and is now more dangerous than ever. This development is further proof that cyber criminals continue to develop and improve their methods, which makes cyber security advancements even more significant. Some experts, such as 451 Research’s director Scott Crawford, believe that the breakthrough will attract hackers to focus on improvements specifically concerning Ransomware that targets Apple products both due to the challenge that it presents, as well as the fact that because the development is new, defenses against the virus will also be weaker.

The good news is that the virus was transmitted through illegal torrent application BitTorrent, and for now, no case of malware has been found capable of transmitting through other means. In all likelihood, however, hackers will continue to develop and will find a way to improve the virus to infect through other means as well.  As a result, all companies should stay up to date on defense protocol and be sure to avoid any suspicious links or websites.

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